AUCTION DRAFT: Sunday July 7 Ambassador Golf (7:00pm Food/8:00pm Draft)
Please settle up any outstanding money owed before or at the draft
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League Standings
Franchise W‑L‑T GB Strk PF PA Salary BBID $ Bal
Cooks Kitchen 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$40.7m $34320000.00
Cool Story Bro 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$20.2m $54800000.00
Detroit Rock City 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$53.2m $21760000.00
Golfview Dolphins 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$29.8m $45160000.00
Hotlanta 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$28.7m $46260000.00
Killer B's 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$41.2m $33800000.00
Koopa Kartel 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$26.6m $48400000.00
Meatball Maniac 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$50.7m $24280000.00
The Salams 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$45.8m $29220000.00
Show me your TD's 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$15m $59980000.00
South Park Cows 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$49.2m $25780000.00
Ticklish Teletubbies 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$58.7m $16260000.00
TOG 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$43m $31980000.00
Wheatley Thunder 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$18.2m $56780000.00
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Blind Bid Audition
IR Report
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Top 10 Players
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All Top Performer Players
Top 10 QB
No Top Performers To Report
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Top 10 RB
No Top Performers To Report
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Top 10 WR
No Top Performers To Report
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Top 10 TE
No Top Performers To Report
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No Top Performers To Report
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Top Player Chart
Most Added Players
RankPlayerBye WeekRosterPct Added
1Parham, Donald LAC TE FA1.74
2Heinicke, Taylor WAS QB (Q)FA1.74
3Collins, Alex SEA RB FA1.69

Hint: Percentages are based on total leagues that performed add/drops during the period. The Bye Week column indicates players comming off a bye week, so they are more likely to be added this week.

All Most Added

Most Dropped Players
RankPlayerBye WeekRosterPct Dropped
1Rivers, Philip FA QB South Park Cows11.22
2Freeman, Devonta FA RB FA6.21
3Olsen, Greg FA TE FA5.76
4Hansen, Chad HOU WR FA4.92
5Gordon, Josh SEA WR (S)Wheatley Thunder4.57
6Gore, Frank NYJ RB (Q)FA4.07
7Jackson, DeSean FA WR FA4.07
8Armstead, Ryquell JAC RB (C)Wheatley Thunder - TS3.97
9Williams, Tyrell FA WR (Q)Hotlanta3.92
10Johnson, Ty NYJ RB FA3.87
11Love, Bryce WAS RB (Q)TOG - TS3.87
12Ballage, Kalen LAC RB Hotlanta - TS3.67
13Byrd, Damiere NEP WR FA3.67
14Burkhead, Rex NEP RB (Q)Show me your TD's3.53
15Thompson, Chris JAC RB (Q)Killer B's3.48
16Humphries, Adam FA WR (Q)Ticklish Teletubbies3.43
17Mullens, Nick SFO QB (Q)FA3.38
18Luck, Andrew FA QB FA3.28
19Ingram, Mark FA RB FA3.23
20Booker, Devontae LVR RB FA3.18
21Jeffery, Alshon PHI WR Ticklish Teletubbies2.93
22Washington, DeAndre MIA RB FA2.93
23Johnson, Tyron LAC WR FA2.88
24Brown, Malcolm LAR RB Wheatley Thunder - IR2.88
25Hasty, JaMycal SFO RB (Q)Wheatley Thunder - TS2.83
26Reed, Jordan SFO TE FA2.78
27Glennon, Mike JAC QB FA2.78
28Hyde, Carlos SEA RB South Park Cows2.78
29Peterson, Adrian DET RB FA2.78
30Foreman, D'Onta TEN RB FA2.73
31Wilkins, Jordan IND RB Cooks Kitchen2.73
32Bryant, Dez BAL WR FA2.73
33Zaccheaus, Olamide ATL WR (Q)FA2.68
34Ozigbo, Devine JAC RB The Salams - TS2.68
35Moore, David SEA WR FA2.63

Hint: Percentages are based on total leagues that performed add/drops during the period. The Bye Week column indicates players going to a bye week, so they are more likely to be dropped this week.

All Most Dropped

Most Started Players
RankPlayerBye WeekRosterPct Started
1Mahomes, Patrick KCC QB (Q)Show me your TD's100.00
2Kelce, Travis KCC TE Cool Story Bro - IR100.00
3McCaffrey, Christian CAR RB (Q)Cool Story Bro - IR99.29
4Hill, Tyreek KCC WR Cool Story Bro - IR99.28
5Diggs, Stefon BUF WR Hotlanta - IR99.25
6Henry, Derrick TEN RB Detroit Rock City 99.11
7Cook, Dalvin MIN RB The Salams99.10
8Jacobs, Josh LVR RB Cool Story Bro98.47
9Barkley, Saquon NYG RB (Q)The Salams98.38
10Kamara, Alvin NOS RB Hotlanta - IR98.33
11Hopkins, DeAndre ARI WR The Salams - IR97.83
12Taylor, Jonathan IND RB South Park Cows - TS97.54
13Chubb, Nick CLE RB Golfview Dolphins97.27
14Brown, A.J. TEN WR (Q)Ticklish Teletubbies97.20
15Thomas, Michael NOS WR (Q)TOG - IR97.09
16Metcalf, DK SEA WR Show me your TD's96.77
17Adams, Davante GBP WR The Salams96.69
18Jefferson, Justin MIN WR TOG96.61
19Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB Show me your TD's - IR96.46
20Waller, Darren LVR TE TOG96.40
21Kittle, George SFO TE Wheatley Thunder96.27
22Robinson, James JAC RB (Q)Killer B's96.03
23Ridley, Calvin ATL WR Detroit Rock City 95.97
24Evans, Mike TBB WR Killer B's95.61
25Allen, Keenan LAC WR South Park Cows95.04
26Watson, Deshaun HOU QB The Salams95.00
27Allen, Josh BUF QB Detroit Rock City 94.40
28Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB Cool Story Bro - IR94.06
29Jackson, Lamar BAL QB (Q)South Park Cows93.84
30Andrews, Mark BAL TE Golfview Dolphins93.48
31Woods, Robert LAR WR Cooks Kitchen - IR93.28
32Murray, Kyler ARI QB (Q)Golfview Dolphins93.28
33Ekeler, Austin LAC RB (Q)TOG - IR93.22
34Thielen, Adam MIN WR FA93.20
35Jones, Julio ATL WR (Q)TOG92.65

Hint: Percentages are based on total leagues submitted lineups during the period. The Bye Week column indicates players going to a bye week, so they are less likely to be started this week.

All Most Started

Most Owned Free Agents
RankPlayerBye WeekRosterPct Owned
1Thielen, Adam MIN WR FA96.33
2Drake, Kenyan ARI RB FA96.15
3Tannehill, Ryan TEN QB FA95.96
4Brady, Tom TBB QB (Q)FA94.68
5Gronkowski, Rob TBB TE FA91.93
6Jones, Marvin DET WR FA91.56
7Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB FA91.38
8Jones, Daniel NYG QB FA88.07
9Thomas, Logan WAS TE FA87.16
10Davis, Mike CAR RB (Q)FA86.79
11Murray, Latavius NOS RB (Q)FA86.61
12McKissic, J.D. WAS RB FA86.06
13Edwards, Gus BAL RB FA84.22
14White, James NEP RB FA83.30
15Hill, Taysom NOS QB (Q)FA83.30
16Green, A.J. CIN WR FA81.47
17Wilson, Jeffery SFO RB FA80.55
18Gallman, Wayne NYG RB FA79.27
19Patrick, Tim DEN WR (Q)FA78.53
20Meyers, Jakobi NEP WR FA77.25
21Coutee, Keke HOU WR FA77.06
22Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QB FA76.70
23McKinnon, Jerick SFO RB FA76.15
24Beckham, Odell CLE WR (Q)FA75.78
25Peterson, Adrian DET RB FA74.68
26Cole, Keelan JAC WR FA73.03
27Graham, Jimmy CHI TE FA72.66
28Minshew, Gardner JAC QB FA71.56
29Everett, Gerald LAR TE FA70.83
30Ingram, Mark FA RB FA70.83
31Reynolds, Josh LAR WR FA69.36
32Ahmed, Salvon MIA RB FA66.61
33Coleman, Tevin SFO RB FA65.50
34Tate, Golden NYG WR (Q)FA64.59
35Herndon, Chris NYJ TE FA63.12

Hint: Percentages are based on total leagues had rosters during the period. The Bye Week column indicates players going to a bye week, so they are more likely to be dropped this week.

All Most Owned

League Reports
Trade Bait
FranchiseWill Give UpLooking ForDate Updated
Cooks Kitchen-Sat Feb 13 5:25:46 p.m. ET 2021
Detroit Rock City -Fri Feb 19 2:06:05 p.m. ET 2021
Wheatley ThunderLooking for a QB to pair with Cousins. Sun Feb 14 3:09:24 p.m. ET 2021
10 Newest Transactions
# Franchise TypeTransactionDate
1Detroit Rock City / Wheatley ThunderTrade
  • Detroit Rock City gave up Year 2021 Draft Pick 2.02; Year 2021 Draft Pick 2.04
  • Wheatley Thunder gave up Year 2021 Draft Pick 3.08; Year 2021 Draft Pick 3.09; Year 2021 Draft Pick 3.11; Year 2021 Draft Pick 3.13; Year 2021 Draft Pick 4.01; Year 2021 Draft Pick 4.08; Year 2021 Draft Pick 4.11; Year 2021 Draft Pick 4.13; Year 2021 Draft Pick 4.14
Sun Feb 14 12:14:05 p.m. ET 2021
2Detroit Rock City / Cooks KitchenTrade Sun Feb 14 11:36:49 a.m. ET 2021
3Detroit Rock City / Meatball ManiacTrade Sun Feb 14 11:08:30 a.m. ET 2021
4Detroit Rock City / Ticklish TeletubbiesTrade Sat Feb 13 8:24:48 p.m. ET 2021
5Cooks KitchenAdd/Drop Fri Feb 12 4:15:41 p.m. ET 2021
6Cooks KitchenAdd/Drop Fri Feb 12 4:12:16 p.m. ET 2021
7TOGAdd/Drop Fri Feb 12 4:00:37 p.m. ET 2021
8Ticklish TeletubbiesAdd/Drop Fri Feb 12 3:58:56 p.m. ET 2021
9South Park CowsAdd/Drop Fri Feb 12 3:52:33 p.m. ET 2021
10Show me your TD'sAdd/Drop Fri Feb 12 3:50:57 p.m. ET 2021
View All Transactions
Blind Bidding Summary
Cooks Kitchen75000000.0034320000.00
Cool Story Bro75000000.0054800000.00
Detroit Rock City 75000000.0021760000.00
Golfview Dolphins75000000.0045160000.00
Killer B's75000000.0033800000.00
Koopa Kartel75000000.0048400000.00
Meatball Maniac75000000.0024280000.00
The Salams75000000.0029220000.00
Show me your TD's75000000.0059980000.00
South Park Cows75000000.0025780000.00
Ticklish Teletubbies75000000.0016260000.00
Wheatley Thunder75000000.0056780000.00
Fantasy Survivor Legend: Immunity Eliminated Saved by Immunity
2020 The Lion's Den Auction Draft
Team Player NFL Pos $
The SalamsAdams, DavanteGBPWR15,200,000
HotlantaDrake, KenyanARIRB13,600,000
Show Me Your TD'sBeckham, OdellCLEWR13,000,000
TOGJones, JulioATLWR12,900,000
Cooks KitchenRobinson, AllenCHIWR12,200,000
Meatball ManiacBell, Le'VeonNYJRB9,600,000
Killer B'sGurley, ToddATLRB9,100,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesJohnson, DavidHOURB8,600,000
Cool Story BroGreen, A.J.CINWR8,000,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesMostert, RaheemSFORB7,500,000
Polk HighEdelman, JulianNEPWR7,200,000
Meatball ManiacHilton, T.Y.INDWR7,000,000
South Park CowsWilliams, DamienKCCRB6,200,000
Cooks KitchenHoward, JordanMIARB6,000,000
Meatball ManiacLindsay, PhillipDENRB5,600,000
Koopa KartelShepard, SterlingNYGWR5,500,000
Cooks KitchenAnderson, RobbyCARWR4,800,000
South Park CowsPoyer, JordanBUFS 4,000,000
Golfview DolphinsTate, GoldenNYGWR3,900,000
TOGBosa, JoeyLACDE3,800,000
Cool Story BroJenkins, MalcolmNOSS 3,600,000
Detroit Rock CityPerriman, BreshadNYJWR3,600,000
Meatball ManiacMathieu, TyrannKCCS 3,600,000
The SalamsSmith, HarrisonMINS 3,600,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesCollins, LandonWASS 3,600,000
Detroit Rock CityThompson, ShaqCARLB3,500,000
Cool Story BroWatt, J.J.HOUDE3,400,000
Killer B'sGronkowski, RobTBBTE3,200,000
Koopa KartelWatkins, SammyKCCWR3,100,000
Cool Story BroKirksey, ChristianGBPLB3,000,000
The SalamsDavis, DemarioNOSLB3,000,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesDavid, LavonteTBBLB3,000,000
HotlantaJordan, CameronNOSDE2,900,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesIngram, MelvinLACDE2,600,000
Detroit Rock CityFowler, DanteATLDE2,500,000
Detroit Rock CityJeffery, AlshonPHIWR2,500,000
Detroit Rock CityJohnson, DukeHOURB2,500,000
Golfview DolphinsClinton-Dix, Ha HaDALS 2,500,000
HotlantaBuckner, DeForestINDDT2,500,000
HotlantaHigbee, TylerLARTE2,500,000
Meatball ManiacNgakoue, YannickJACDE2,400,000
Detroit Rock CityJack, MylesJACLB2,300,000
Koopa KartelBrady, TomTBBQB2,300,000
Detroit Rock CityStafford, MatthewDETQB2,200,000
Detroit Rock CityBrees, DrewNOSQB2,100,000
Detroit Rock CityHeyward, CameronPITDE2,100,000
Detroit Rock CityJoseph, KarlCLES 2,100,000
Detroit Rock CityWilliams, JamaalGBPRB2,100,000
Killer B'sCollins, JamieDETLB2,100,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesJohnson, A.J.DENLB2,100,000
Cooks KitchenBarrett, ShaqTBBLB2,000,000
Cooks KitchenSims, StevenWASWR2,000,000
Cool Story BroDunlap, CarlosCINDE2,000,000
Koopa KartelWright, K.J.SEALB2,000,000
Meatball ManiacCarr, DerekLVRQB1,900,000
South Park CowsRivers, PhilipINDQB1,900,000
TOGCampbell, De'VondreARILB1,900,000
Cooks KitchenMinshew, GardnerJACQB1,800,000
Detroit Rock CityFitzgerald, LarryARIWR1,800,000
HotlantaCampbell, CalaisBALDE1,800,000
Meatball ManiacCook, JaredNOSTE1,800,000
HotlantaGoff, JaredLARQB1,700,000
HotlantaJarwin, BlakeDALTE1,700,000
Koopa KartelHarris, AnthonyMINS 1,600,000
Meatball ManiacMurray, LataviusNOSRB1,600,000
Show Me Your TD'sBarr, AnthonyMINLB1,600,000
The SalamsArmstead, ArikSFODE1,600,000
The SalamsNewton, CamNEPQB1,600,000
Cool Story BroFuller, KyleCHICB1,500,000
Koopa KartelHyde, CarlosSEARB1,500,000
Golfview DolphinsClark, ChuckBALS 1,400,000
Show Me Your TD'sGraham, BrandonPHIDE1,400,000
Polk HighCobb, RandallHOUWR1,300,000
Cool Story BroTrevathan, DannyCHILB1,200,000
Detroit Rock CityAlexander, KwonSFOLB1,200,000
Koopa KartelAmendola, DannyDETWR1,200,000
Killer B'sBridgewater, TeddyCARQB1,100,000
Cool Story BroTaylor, TyrodLACQB1,000,000
Detroit Rock CityThompson, ChrisJACRB1,000,000
Koopa KartelFitzpatrick, RyanMIAQB1,000,000
Koopa KartelPierre-Paul, JasonTBBDE1,000,000
The SalamsBeasley, ColeBUFWR900,000
The SalamsSanu, MohamedNEPWR900,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesHolcomb, ColeWASLB900,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesKwiatkoski, NickLVRLB900,000
Golfview DolphinsDoyle, JackINDTE800,000
Polk HighPeterson, AdrianWASRB800,000
Show Me Your TD'sRichardson, SheldonCLEDT800,000
The SalamsJackson, KareemDENS 800,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesHouston, JustinINDDE800,000
TOGDavis, JarradDETLB800,000
Cool Story BroMcDougald, BradleySEAS 700,000
Detroit Rock CityHill, JusticeBALRB700,000
Polk HighFord, DeeSFODE700,000
The SalamsVan Noy, KyleMIALB700,000
Koopa KartelWinston, JameisNOSQB600,000
Show Me Your TD'sKerrigan, RyanWASDE600,000
The SalamsTuitt, StephonPITDE600,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesVaccaro, KennyTENS 600,000
Cooks KitchenMcKinnon, JerickSFORB500,000
Cool Story BroOlsen, GregSEATE500,000
Cool Story BroSmith, Za'DariusGBPLB500,000
HotlantaMills, JalenPHIS 500,000
Koopa KartelDavis, ThomasWASLB500,000
Polk HighBurkhead, RexNEPRB500,000
Show Me Your TD'sMiller, VonDENLB500,000
South Park CowsHill, BrianATLRB500,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesHyde, MicahBUFS 500,000
Cooks KitchenBoston, TreCARS 400,000
Cooks KitchenWillis, KhariINDS 400,000
HotlantaHumphrey, MarlonBALCB400,000
Koopa KartelJackson, AdoreeTENCB400,000
Show Me Your TD'sRandall, DamariousLVRS 400,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesWoods, XavierDALS 400,000
Polk HighVernon, OlivierCLEDE300,000
The SalamsPhillips, AdrianNEPS 300,000
Cooks KitchenBonnafon, ReggieCARRB200,000
Cooks KitchenBostic, JonWASLB200,000
Cooks KitchenBurton, TreyINDTE200,000
Cooks KitchenEdwards, MikeTBBS 200,000
Cooks KitchenEvans, JustinTBBS 200,000
Cooks KitchenJudon, MattBALLB200,000
Cooks KitchenOnwuasor, PatrickNYJLB200,000
Cooks KitchenWolfe, DerekBALDE200,000
Cool Story BroFreeman, RoyceDENRB200,000
Meatball ManiacAddison, MarioBUFDE200,000
Meatball ManiacRowe, EricMIAS 200,000
Meatball ManiacWilson, JarrodJACS 200,000
Polk HighGipson, TashaunCHIS 200,000
Polk HighHumphries, AdamTENWR200,000
Polk HighMcMillan, RaekwonMIALB200,000
Polk HighMontgomery, TyNOSRB200,000
Polk HighOluokun, FoyesadeATLLB200,000
Polk HighSprinkle, JeremyWASTE200,000
Polk HighTreadwell, LaquonATLWR200,000
Polk HighWims, JavonCHIWR200,000
Show Me Your TD'sLee, SeanDALLB200,000
Show Me Your TD'sTrubisky, MitchellCHIQB200,000
The SalamsBoone, MikeMINRB200,000
The SalamsEdwards, GusBALRB200,000
The SalamsNjoku, DavidCLETE200,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesBegelton, ReggieGBPWR200,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesHightower, Dont'aNEPLB200,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesHill, TaysomNOSQB200,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesIoannidis, MattWASDT200,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesKumerow, JakeGBPWR200,000
Ticklish TeletubbiesLawson, ShaqMIADE200,000
Featured Articles
Tim Davoll (FantasySharks) published Feb 7, 2021

Brady, Tom TBB QB
Tom Brady

It is the longest article of the year so buckle up it is going to be a bumpy ride. In a year where we thought the NFL season would not even start or finish, Super Bowl LV arrives on time. And with Covid-19 raging all around us while vaccinations seem to be incapable of stemming the tide, where else are you to go? This is setting up for a big number in the Nielsen ratings my friends. There should be over 100 million viewers who cannot come together, means having to sequester in their domiciles, which translates to individual eyes on the game. So we will also individually munch on snacks this Super Bowl Sunday. Will you be one of them?

The Kansas City Chiefs are playing for the fourth time in franchise history. They are taking on (More...)

2021 Accounting Summary

Prize Money Accounting Notes:

  • Any discrepancy between the prize money report above and the league accounting report is due to outstanding money owed, pre-payments made or prize money paid out.
  • Due to rounding weekly prize winnings may cause a slight imbalance between trade/waiver/fines money charged versus weekly prize money paid out.
  • The $110 discrepancy in prize winnings of $3,390 and the cumulative yearly entry dues of $3,500 is due to the $110 hosting fees.

Entry Fee Accounting
Cash On Hand
Playoff Bracket
Championship Bowl
Week 14 Week 15 Week 16 Champion
#5 Seed  
  Winner of Game #1  
#4 Seed    
  Winner of Game #3  
#2 Seed    
#6 Seed    
  Winner of Game #2    
#3 Seed      
  Winner of Game #4  
#1 Seed   
Playoff Bracket
Consolation Bowl
Week 14 Week 15 Week 16 Consolation Champion
#6 Seed  
  Winner of Game #3  
#3 Seed    
  Winner of Game #6  
#7 Seed      
  Winner of Game #2    
#2 Seed    
  Consolation Champion
#5 Seed    
  Winner of Game #4    
#4 Seed      
  Winner of Game #5  
#8 Seed     
  Winner of Game #1   
#1 Seed    
Playoff Bracket
Week 14 Exhibition
#2 Seed  
#1 Seed  
Playoff Bracket
3rd Place Game
Week 16 3rd Place
Loser of Game #4 From Championship Bowl Bracket  
  3rd Place
Loser of Game #3 From Championship Bowl Bracket  
Playoff Bracket
5th Place Game
Week 15 5th Place
Loser of Game #1 From Championship Bowl Bracket  
  5th Place
Loser of Game #2 From Championship Bowl Bracket  
TAXI SQUAD: 30 (Maximum 3 years)
  • Unlimited players allowed
  • 20 day minimum
  • IR, OUT, DOUBTFUL to qualify
  • Full salary counts towards cap
  • Compliance deadline (after 20 days on IR) Sunday 12:55pm
PRE-AUCTION SALARY CAP: $65.0m (after the 2020 auction the cap will not be lowered again)
CONTRACT CAP: 54 years
CAP HITS: Cutting a player results in a cap hit of 20% per contract year remaining
STARTING LINEUP(16):Offense (8): 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1Flex(RB/WR/TE)
 Defense (8): 2DL, 3LB, 2DB 1D-Flex(DL/DB)
REGULAR SEASON: 13 weeks; each team plays every other team 1 time
PLAYOFFS: 3 weeks; Championship Bowl (Top 6 teams); Consolation Bowl (Bottom 8 teams)
  • $2 per trade per team in-season
  • Free in the off-season
  • Trade Assets: Players on Active Roster, Taxi Squad or IR; Draft Picks & ISS all up to 3 years out
  • Trade Deadline: Fantasy Week 11 Sunday at noon
  • Trades allowed throughout year except for the following periods:
    • Fantasy week 12 thru one week into the new fantasy season
    • Offer Sheet Window
    • Roster Freeze thru Auction Draft
BLIND BID (BBID): 1 player max per week; minimum bid 200k, every Wednesday at 6:00pm
FIRST-COME FIRST-SERVED (FCFS): Unlimited, 600k salary, every Wednesday at 6:15pm (closes Sunday at 1:00pm)
IN-SEASON SIGNING (ISS): 2-week audition; 500k minimum signing; each team is alotted 3 ISS assets per season which can be traded
  • League Rollover (Early February)
  • Franchise Tag Deadline (1st Friday in April)
  • Offer Sheet Window (Opens 1st Friday in May - Closes with no activity for 24 hours)
  • RFA Contract Designation Deadline (4th Friday in May)
  • Rookie Draft (June)
  • Roster Freeze (July)
  • Auction Draft (July)
  • Contract Designation Deadline (Monday prior to game 1 kickoff)
  • Regular Season Starts (Monday prior to game 1 kickoff)
  • First BBID Waivers (Wednesday 6:00pm prior to game 1 kickoff) happens 15 more times
  • First FCFS Waivers (Wednesday 6:15pm prior to game 1 kickoff) happens 15 more times
  • Trade Deadline (Week 11 Sunday at noon)
  • Playoffs Start (Week 14)
  • Off-Season Starts (Week 17)
RFA TYPE (player can be re-signed if contract is more than 1 year or 2 years if franchise tag)
AUCTION: 1 to 5 years at auction price
TAXI-PROMOTION: 1 to 5 years; multiplier is base rookie salary times years signed
ISS: 1 to 5 years at blind bid amount with a 500k minimum
FRANCHISE TAG: 1 year contract that can be extended 2 years less than length of original contract
UFA TYPE (player cannot be re-signed at end of contract)
RE-SIGN: Extending a player that is an RFA; maximum term is one year less than the original contract
FCFS: 1 year contract at 600k
(season roll over early February)
(Weeks 1 to 13)
(Weeks 14 to 16)
Franchise Tag
1st Friday
Offer Sheet
opens 1st Friday
closes with 24 hrs of no activity
1 week before Auction

Monday before First Kickoff
RFA Contracts
 Deadline: 4th Friday 

OFF-SEASON: Extends from Week 17 of previous NFL season to the Rookie Draft. League rolls over to new season some time in February. On roll over players with one year remaining on contract are released and all others have one year deducted. Franchise Tag, Offer Sheet Window and RFA Contracts are all part of the Off-Season.
Salary Cap: None Contract Cap: None *Trades Allowed: Yes (free) Waivers Allowed: NoneInjured Reserve: UnmonitoredValid Lineup: No

Salary Cap: Variable Contract Cap: Variable Trades Allowed: Variable Waivers Allowed: NoneInjured Reserve: NoneValid Lineup: Variable

ROOKIE DRAFT: Part of the Pre-Season. Rookie Draft is typically held in June.
Salary Cap: None Contract Cap: None Trades Allowed: Yes(free)Valid Lineup: No

ROSTER FREEZE: Starts one week before Auction Draft. Contract cap is reinstated. No IR players allowed. Vacant active roster spots count as 1 contract year and $200,000 towards relevant caps. Teams must be in compliance with salary and contract cap limits at START of roster freeze.
Salary Cap: $65m Contract Cap: 54 Trades Allowed: NoValid Lineup: No

AUCTION DRAFT: Typically held in July.
Salary Cap: $65m Contract Cap: 54 Trades Allowed: NoValid Lineup: Yes

CONTRACT DESIGNATION: Period from end of Auction Draft to Start of Regular Season where new contracts can be assigned to auctioned picks.
Salary Cap: $75m Contract Cap: None Trades Allowed: Yes(free)Valid Lineup: No
At Deadline:
Salary Cap: $75m Contract Cap: 54 Trades Allowed: N/AValid Lineup: No

REGULAR SEASON: Weeks 1 to 13 of the NFL Schedule.
Salary Cap: $75m Contract Cap: None Trades Allowed: Weeks 1 to 11 Waivers Allowed: BBID & FCFSInjured Reserve: YesValid Lineup: No

PLAYOFF: Weeks 14 to 16 of the NFL Schedule.
Salary Cap: $75m Contract Cap: None Trades Allowed: No Waivers Allowed: BBID & FCFSInjured Reserve: YesValid Lineup: No

SALARY CAP: In each case salary cap applies to all players on active roster and injured reserve for the current season only. For Roster Freeze, Auction Draft and Contract Designation Deadline only all vacancies on active roster will also have a $200,000 cap hit.
CONTRACT CAP: When applicable applies to all contract years for all players. All players have a minimum one year contract with the exception of taxi squad players. All vacancies on active roster have a one year contract implication.
*TRADES ALLOWED: No trades allowed from the end of one season until one week after the season roll over and during the time of the Offer Sheet Window.