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Draft Results For Masters Gold Dynasty 130554
1.011College Point Kingz -UNPAIDDraft hasn't started yet. Will start on Sat, Aug 1.- 
1.022Moose Knuckles-[Pick traded from BIG & Harry Footballs.]
1.033HP Scots- 
1.044Moose Knuckles- 
1.055Not Sure Yet- 
1.066Moose Knuckles-[Pick traded from That Superman Gold Edition -UNPAID.]
1.077Muni Lot Maniacs- 
1.088Breaking Bad- 
1.099Not Sure Yet-[Pick traded from Hermanos -UNPAID.
Pick traded from Moose Knuckles.]
1.1010HP Scots-[Pick traded from Cha-Ching -UNPAID.]
1.1111Desperados 99- 
1.1212Sh*t Storm Troopers -UNPAID- 
2.0113College Point Kingz -UNPAID- 
2.0214BIG & Harry Footballs- 
2.0315HP Scots- 
2.0416BIG & Harry Footballs-[Pick traded from Moose Knuckles -UNPAID.]
2.0517Hermanos -UNPAID-[Pick traded from The Fool -UNPAID.]
2.0618That Superman Gold Edition -UNPAID- 
2.0719HP Scots-[Pick traded from Muni Lot Maniacs -UNPAID.]
2.0820Breaking Bad- 
2.0921HP Scots-[Pick traded from Hermanos -UNPAID.]
2.1022Cha-Ching -UNPAID- 
2.1123That Superman Gold Edition -UNPAID-[Pick traded from Desperados 99.]
2.1224Sh*t Storm Troopers -UNPAID- 
3.0125BIG & Harry Footballs-[Pick traded from College Point Kingz -UNPAID.]
3.0226BIG & Harry Footballs- 
3.0327HP Scots- 
3.0428That Superman Gold Edition -UNPAID-[Pick traded from Moose Knuckles -UNPAID.]
3.0529Not Sure Yet- 
3.0630That Superman Gold Edition -UNPAID- 
3.0731Muni Lot Maniacs- 
3.0832Breaking Bad- 
3.0933HP Scots-[Pick traded from Hermanos -UNPAID.]
3.1034Cha-Ching -UNPAID- 
3.1135That Superman Gold Edition -UNPAID-[Pick traded from Desperados 99.]
3.1236Sh*t Storm Troopers -UNPAID- 
Average Time Waiting To Make Pick
FranchiseTotal Wait TimeAverage Wait TimeNum Picks
That Superman Gold Edition -UNPAID--0
Hermanos -UNPAID--0
Muni Lot Maniacs--0
Not Sure Yet--0
Moose Knuckles--0
HP Scots--0
College Point Kingz -UNPAID--0
Breaking Bad--0
Desperados 99--0
Cha-Ching -UNPAID--0
Sh*t Storm Troopers -UNPAID--0
BIG & Harry Footballs--0