Thar be a Great White somewhere in these Waters!!
FEEDING FRENZY Article - Thar be a Great White somewhere in these Waters!!

So...what do you think?

Our old site served us well for many years but as the times change...so must we!

As I warned you all early in 2019, MFL coding was causing our old site to fail and many links were rendered almost useless. As the 2020 MFL site came online, it became apparent that our old site had been rendered moot and a coding update was necessary. The coding was expensive enough so while we were doing it, we upgraded to a new template.  The new template is what you see now and the coding is what gets you from page to page.  Both should last us many, many seasons into the future.

The league was also polled on how this expense was to be handled. Those who responded, overwhelmingly stated that they wanted to keep the year-end payoffs at their current level thus, the cost to update/upgrade has been added to your 2020 entry fee.


The $200 entry fee remains the same but you will also need to pay and additional $50 for the site. That's a total payment of $250 due by July 17, 2020.

$250 may sound a bit steep to play this game but to play in a league such as this in a home as beautiful, informative, and as easy to navigate as this...it's like a unicorn sighting.  DA Graphics has guaranteed the upkeep and storage of our site and this $50 is a one-time, additional fee that shouldn't have to be replicated for a long, long time.

We'll be back to $200 in 2021.

If you are a current owner and remain in good standing with the participation level of this league, you have a home...guaranteed.

So, take a look around.
See what's changed and what is the same.
Check out the links that get you from one place to another and the stats links that you'll find along the way.

Get comfortable with your new home and good luck in 2020!!