AUCTION DRAFT: Sunday July 7 Ambassador Golf (7:00pm Food/8:00pm Draft)
Please settle up any outstanding money owed before or at the draft
Trade Bait
FranchiseWill Give UpIn Exchange ForDate EnteredTrade?Delete?
Cooks KitchenMon Jul 8 11:22:50 a.m. ET 2019Propose 
Detroit Rock City Looking to make a big BOOM babyTue Jul 16 11:14:44 p.m. ET 2019Propose 
Fatt Bottom GirlsNeed RB1 or RB2 and QBWed Jun 19 8:55:17 a.m. ET 2019Propose 
Golfview Dolphinsmake an offerSun Apr 21 12:25:03 p.m. ET 2019Propose 
Killer B'sWRWed Jul 10 6:57:53 a.m. ET 2019Propose 
Polk HighMon Mar 25 12:26:08 p.m. ET 2019Propose 
The Salams
    Tue Feb 19 3:01:39 p.m. ET 2019Propose 
    South Park Cows
      Nevermind. He's gone. Talk to DRC.Tue Apr 16 5:05:01 p.m. ET 2019Propose 
      Ticklish Teletubbies i want 2020 picks Thu Jul 18 7:56:54 p.m. ET 2019Propose 
      TOGMon Jul 8 9:06:10 a.m. ET 2019Propose 

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