AUCTION DRAFT: Sunday July 7 Ambassador Golf (7:00pm Food/8:00pm Draft)
Please settle up any outstanding money owed before or at the draft

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Detroit Rock City
Player 2018 Pts Bye Salary Year Original Contract Years Remaining Acquired
Stafford, Matthew DET QB 250.3 5$3.7m331AUC
Watson, Deshaun HOU QB 375.8 10$3.5m3532.07
Cohen, Tarik CHI RB 248.0 6$1m3537.12
Drake, Kenyan MIA RB 215.2 5$0.3m111TAG-0
Henry, Derrick TEN RB 206.5 11$3.2m353AUC
Mack, Marlon IND RB 182.1 6$2.8m3422.14
Yeldon, T.J. BUF RB 177.1 6$1m331ISS
Davis, Corey TEN WR 188.6 11$5m3531.01
Doctson, Josh WAS WR 113.2 10$0.9m331AUC
Godwin, Chris TBB WR 195.2 7$2.4m2433.12
Lockett, Tyler SEA WR 244.0 11$0.5m342AUC
Robinson, Demarcus KCC WR 76.8 12$1m111Load
Shepard, Sterling NYG WR 187.4 11$1.7m111TAG-0
Graham, Jimmy GBP TE 130.6 11$1.1m111AUC
Njoku, David CLE TE 147.9 7$3.2m2431.14
Barnett, Derek PHI DE (Q) 42.0 10$0.8m1115.03
Ford, Dee SFO DE 185.0 4$2m111Load
Garrett, Myles CLE DE 163.0 7$2.8m2432.10
Cunningham, Zach HOU LB 213.0 10$2.4m2433.14
Mosley, C.J. NYJ LB 198.0 4$3m111AUC
Smith, Roquan CHI LB 253.0 6$2.8m2432.04 (2018)
Whitehead, Tahir OAK LB 242.0 6$0.7m221AUC
Adams, Jamal NYJ S 265.0 4$2.8m2432.08
Baker, Budda ARI S 213.0 12$0.9m2326.08
Byard, Kevin TEN S 206.3 11$1.8m232AUC
Smith, Harrison MIN S 208.0 12$1.8m111AUC
26 Total Players
Salary Adjustments:  $3.6m    
Total:$56.7m   50  
Salary Cap:$75m    
Cap Room Available:$18.3m    
Taxi Squad
Ballage, Kalen MIA RB 46.5 5$0.6m2322.11 (2018)
Henderson, Darrell LAR RB (R) 9$0.6m1111.10
Smith, Ito ATL RB 99.7 9$0.6m2323.01 (2018)
Gallup, Michael DAL WR 97.7 8$0.6m2321.12 (2018)
Miller, Anthony CHI WR (Q) 130.8 6$0.6m2321.14 (2018)
Westbrook, Dede JAC WR 199.4 10$0.6m3315.05
6 Total Players on Taxi Squad