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Topic The Lion's Den Message Board / my predraft rankings (36 hits)

Hotlanta Date Wed Jun 12 4:03:36 p.m. ET 2019
Some thoughts for those that are interested... I had a full 80 ranked and mostly just followed my board and felt really good about the value of rounds 4-8 but that's fine for me.

My pre ranks and some explaining at the top:

1a) Monty: I think the Bears O takes a step forward in year 2 under Nagy. Nagy has praised Monty and compared him to Kareem Hunt. I think Monty has top 7-8 upside. I just trust the Bears more; better Oline, better offensive mind, better defense, better team, all equal to a better running back situation. Give Monty all of Howards touches with better efficiency and more passes. I would have chosen Monty here.

1b) Josh Jacobs: Clear #1 “workhorse” potential. He is great in the passing game and should catch lots of balls. Why I’d take Monty: I don’t trust the Raiders, Jacobs has never had to touch the ball as much as he’s going to be asked this season, and did I mention I don’t trust the Raiders?

3. Miles Sanders: Lots of upside but I’m not sure how valuable he will be this season. He is going to be in a time share no matter what, but he is going to be tied to a good offense and quarterback, good offensive mind, and has the versatility to catch lots of balls. Best case scenario, he shows the coaching staff early in the season that he is worth 60% of the touches. Might take a year.

4. NKeal Harry: Loved Harry’s tape. I just don’t’ like him landing in NE; Brady is no longer great throwing outside and his career could be over very soon. By the time Harry is more polished, Brady should be gone. Great opportunity here and upside – I’m just not sure there’s a guaranteed Payoff. The upside and talent makes him the number one WR.

5. Parris Campbell: Tied to a great offense and QB. Campbell can carve out a niche role in his rookie season with tons of potential to grow in the future. Should be INDYs #2 by the start of next season. I’ll take that.

6. Mecole Hardmen: Mahomes, Reid, and a need a WR make Hardman a potential steal. The issue I have is that I literally hadn’t heard of him until he was drafted. Landing spot gives him a great opportunity to be very valuable. Other concerns; what if T Hill somehow plays this season? Or future seasons? Lots of questions for Hardmen but his upside is enviable.

7. Deebo: Landed with a decent QB, a great offensive mind, and should be number 1-2 on the depth chart by the end of next season. I feel as though Kittle is the number 1, Pettis should be the #1 WR this year, and Deebo has the talent and opportunity to make his own claim for the number 1 spot in the future (I personally am cheering for Pettis.)

8. DK METCALF: Boom or Bust candidate. He walks into lots of potential targets. Wilson loves to extend the play and go deep so Metcalf can find a role early. However, I question his versatility and ability to be anything more than a deep threat/red zone target. Lots of upside here but I can also see a world where he does nothing.

9. AJ Brown: He was hands down my favourite WR coming in. He landed in one of the worst possible locations. Mariota can’t support Davis who I still believe is good. I don’t see Mariota supporting 2 wideouts at a price worth having. Taking a swing on Brown means you believe in the talent and expect a QB change for the better by the time you have to promote him.

10. Marquise Brown: Electric player but I prefer boys with size, QBs who can throw, and target hogs. Not sure Brown will ever get the targets or the QB to make him super valuable (I assume/trust Baltimores commitment to Jackson for at least a couple of years.)  He’s a 4 catch 140 yards 2 TD kind of guy on his good weeks. 3 Catches for 40-60 yards most other weeks.

11. JJ Arcega Whiteside: I’m not sure Alshon is still an Eagle next year. Whiteside should carve out a nice role on a good team and offense.

12. Justice Hill: I’m not sure what Ingram looks like in this offense. On paper, Ingram should be okay but I doubt he matches the production he put up during his BEST years in NO. Hill, at the worst, should be a nice change of pace guy who gets some targets. Looking ahead, Ingram could disappoint and Hill could claim 50-60% of the touches plus 30+ catches. I think Hill has a decent floor and is actually a common target of mine in redraft leagues in the later rounds.

13. Devin Singletary: Gore and Shady will be gone soon. Devin should be the lead back next year, possibly as early as mid-season this year. If I believed more in the actual talent he would be higher on my board but he has a clear path to be the RB1 on his team sooner than later.

14. Darrell Henderson: Lots of upside tied into his risk. I personally think Gurley is still going to play at a high level for this year. Maybe 60-80 less touches which still makes him a lead man. Where do those 60-80 go? Malcolm Brown and Henderson share the opportunity until one of them proves they deserve more. Obviously, if Gurley goes down for an extended period of time, Henderson could be a value. We will see. Coin filp.

15. Kyler Murray
16. Devin Bush           -            I admire the bold move Jess. Trend setter. Makes sense.
17. Devin White
18. Damien Harris
19. Nick Bosa
20. Noah Fant
21. TJ
22. Jonathan Abram
23. Daniel Jones
24. Haskins
25. Isabella
26. T McClaurin
27. Miles Boykin
28. C Ferrell 
29. D Savage
30. LJ Collier
*Knowing I didn’t have any round 2 picks, I was able to rank defensive guys higher, knowing that if they fell to me, it would be in the 3rd anyway. I was targeting N Bosa or J Abram with my 3.02 and I was able to get one :D.
Polk High Date Wed Jun 12 4:10:23 p.m. ET 2019
Why is Bush ranked ahead of White? Not disputing just curious as to your thoughts Joey
Hotlanta Date Wed Jun 12 4:36:53 p.m. ET 2019
No Lavonte David is my reason Dan.
Polk High Date Wed Jun 12 4:48:45 p.m. ET 2019
Figured that would be why.  I prefer White but its so close its like they are twins with the same 1st name not last name
Ticklish Teletubbies Date Wed Jun 12 8:08:32 p.m. ET 2019
With all the concerns with michels knee don’t you think Harris should be higher.
Polk High Date Wed Jun 12 8:17:34 p.m. ET 2019
Looks like he had surgery to clean things up inside the knee. Will be ready for training camp. Guess our trade looks like it did when we made it lol
Killer B's Date Wed Jun 12 8:20:16 p.m. ET 2019
I had a strong need for LB help. Everyone says this was a defensive draft. So I’ll take as much top end D talent I can.
Ticklish Teletubbies Date Wed Jun 12 8:20:25 p.m. ET 2019

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Topic The Lion's Den Message Board / my predraft rankings (36 hits)