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Draft May Start
On Sun Aug 25 6:00:00 p.m. ET 2019
In About 34 days, 9 hours, 22 minutes
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Paragon_ff 2019 league openingsFri Jul 19 9:56:01 p.m. ET 2019
help filling YOUR leagueThu Jul 11 9:05:17 p.m. ET 2019
IntroductionTue Jun 4 3:25:20 p.m. ET 2019
Retirements Thread: Post them all hereMon May 13 10:33:44 a.m. ET 2019
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2019 MFL site up and runningWed Feb 27 11:56:44 p.m. ET 2019
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Franchise Owner Activity
FranchiseLast Visited This Page
Columbus Bills57 minutes ago
Music City Cowboys1 hour, 4 minutes ago
Fleece City Giants2 hours, 20 minutes ago
Enfield Eagles3 hours, 22 minutes ago
Oklahoma Packers8 hours, 22 minutes ago
Rozelle Seahawks9 hours, 42 minutes ago
London Rams23 hours, 44 minutes ago
Leicester Falcons1 day, 7 hours, 3 minutes ago
Commissioner1 day, 14 hours, 1 minute ago
Spion Kop 49ers1 day, 14 hours, 1 minute ago
SDM Patriots2 days, 13 hours, 52 minutes ago
Queen City Lions2 days, 18 hours, 2 minutes ago
Twin Cities Bengals3 days, 1 hour, 30 minutes ago
Arkansas Dolphins3 days, 5 hours, 23 minutes ago
CaliZona Broncos3 days, 14 hours, 12 minutes ago
SeaTown Redskins3 days, 20 hours, 5 minutes ago
Navy Titans3 days, 22 hours, 28 minutes ago
Phoenix Cardinals4 days, 15 hours, 15 minutes ago
Boise Chiefs5 days, 8 hours, 24 minutes ago
Illuminati Chargers5 days, 17 hours, 10 minutes ago
Robb's Steelers6 days, 14 hours, 21 minutes ago
DirtyRäiders™7 days, 19 hours, 9 minutes ago
Montgomery Texans9 days, 8 hours, 28 minutes ago
Blackhawk Bears10 days, 5 hours, 47 minutes ago
Valhalla Vikings12 days, 10 hours, 24 minutes ago
Oakland Saints20 days, 12 hours, 54 minutes ago
Orphan - Ravens21 days, 23 hours, 54 minutes ago
Rubber City Browns55 days, 21 hours, 38 minutes ago
Oslo Buccaneers56 days, 13 hours, 17 minutes ago
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League Champions

Doppelganger Dynasty League Champions


Valhalla Vikings


LUCKY Colts!!


Inland Empire Broncos


Fleece City Giants


Blackhawk Bears


K'ville Bills


Zelienople JETS


NorCal Eagles

Recent Draft Picks
1.01Orphan - JetsNext Pick
1.02Music City Cowboys  
1.03Twin Cities Bengals  
1.04Orphan - Panthers  
1.05Rubber City Browns  
1.06Oklahoma Packers  
Full Draft Report
League Standings
  W‑L‑T Pct Strk PF PA OP DP Eff PP Div W‑L‑T All-Play W‑L‑T WW BBID $ Bal
Blackhawk Bears 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑026$3095.00
Queen City Lions 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑010$3482.00
Oklahoma Packers 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑06$4944.00
Valhalla Vikings 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑032$5322.00
  W‑L‑T Pct Strk PF PA OP DP Eff PP Div W‑L‑T All-Play W‑L‑T WW BBID $ Bal
Oslo Buccaneers 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑08$5590.00
Leicester Falcons 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑030$1279.00
Orphan - Panthers 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑04$1383.00
Oakland Saints 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑016$4023.00
  W‑L‑T Pct Strk PF PA OP DP Eff PP Div W‑L‑T All-Play W‑L‑T WW BBID $ Bal
Music City Cowboys 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑02$3469.00
Enfield Eagles 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑028$3523.00
Fleece City Giants 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑018$2646.00
SeaTown Redskins 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑024$1485.00
  W‑L‑T Pct Strk PF PA OP DP Eff PP Div W‑L‑T All-Play W‑L‑T WW BBID $ Bal
Spion Kop 49ers 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑022$1687.00
Phoenix Cardinals 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑012$1027.00
London Rams 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑014$2223.00
Rozelle Seahawks 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑020$2401.00
  W‑L‑T Pct Strk PF PA OP DP Eff PP Div W‑L‑T All-Play W‑L‑T WW BBID $ Bal
Twin Cities Bengals 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑03$2637.00
Rubber City Browns 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑05$1584.00
Orphan - Ravens 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑023$1988.00
Robb's Steelers 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑025$1097.00
  W‑L‑T Pct Strk PF PA OP DP Eff PP Div W‑L‑T All-Play W‑L‑T WW BBID $ Bal
Orphan - Colts 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑019$2183.00
Orphan - Jaguars 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑09$2386.00
Montgomery Texans 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑031$1000.00
Navy Titans 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑017$3871.00
  W‑L‑T Pct Strk PF PA OP DP Eff PP Div W‑L‑T All-Play W‑L‑T WW BBID $ Bal
Columbus Bills 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑07$2586.00
Arkansas Dolphins 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑027$2825.00
Orphan - Jets 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑01$2518.00
SDM Patriots 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑029$3493.00
  W‑L‑T Pct Strk PF PA OP DP Eff PP Div W‑L‑T All-Play W‑L‑T WW BBID $ Bal
CaliZona Broncos 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑011$1240.00
Illuminati Chargers 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑015$1273.00
Boise Chiefs 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑021$2557.00
<font color="#A5ACAF">Dirty</font><font color="#000000">Räiders™</font> 0‑0‑0.000 - 0 0000.0% 00‑0‑00‑0‑013$2580.00
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Week 1
Thu Sep 5 8:20:00 p.m. ET 2019
In 45 days, 11 hours, 42 minutes
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Week 1 Matchup Chart
The chart will appear within this DIV. This text will be replaced by the chart. If it does not, it most likely means that you have this Matchup Chart twice on your league home page, when it can only appear once.
Trade Bait
FranchiseWill Give UpIn Exchange ForDate Entered
Queen City Lions

Reasonable offers. 

Mon Mar 4 4:36:10 p.m. ET 2019
Leicester Falcons

2nd March

Looking to package 2 or 3 for an upgrade somewhere. Or to trade for picks. 

Sat Mar 2 1:40:52 a.m. ET 2019
Music City CowboysWould move Zeke for high picks and players , like to move Down a few spots on the 1-02, get your pick the the top 3/4 studs , needs stud wr, de, lber, picks ..Sun Jul 14 8:37:55 a.m. ET 2019
Twin Cities BengalsFri May 3 7:29:10 a.m. ET 2019
Montgomery TexansLooks like I might need a DE...or 5!Sat Jul 13 12:09:25 a.m. ET 2019
CaliZona BroncosSun Mar 17 8:41:15 p.m. ET 2019
DirtyRäiders™ Let’s deal. Reasonable trade partner needed. Updated 6/14 Fri Jun 14 4:37:18 p.m. ET 2019
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Top 10 Week 1 Owns
1.Jones, Julio ATL WR (Q)100.00%
2.Luck, Andrew IND QB (Q)100.00%
3.Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WR (O)100.00%
4.Kelce, Travis KCC TE (Q)100.00%
5.Ertz, Zach PHI TE100.00%
6.Evans, Mike TBB WR (Q)100.00%
7.Adams, Davante GBP WR100.00%
8.Beckham, Odell CLE WR100.00%
9.Thielen, Adam MIN WR100.00%
10.Gurley, Todd LAR RB (Q)100.00%
All Top Owns
Featured Articles
OLD FACES, NEW PLACES: Undervalued Veteran IDPs on New Teams in 2019
Gary Davenport (FantasySharks) published Jul 21, 2019

Peppers, Jabrill NYG S
Jabrill Peppers

Training camps are ramping up across the NFL. Soon the calendar will turn to August, and Individual Defensive Player (IDP) draft season will well and truly swing into high gear.

It’s an exciting time of year, to say the least.

At this time of year, fantasy drafters far and wide are neck-deep in draft preparation. Everyone’s looking for undervalued defensive players to target and overvalued busts in the making to avoid.

That just so happens to be what we’re here for.

That level of enthusiasm is appreciated — assuming these recommendations are correct.

Each of the individual defensive players listed in this article has two things in common. The first is that each of them changed teams in (More...)

Monday Report
Monday Report Will Be Displayed On Mondays During The Season For Head-To-Head Leagues.
Live Scoring
Week 1
Enfield Eagles0.00Details
Fleece City Giants0.00
SeaTown Redskins0.00Details
Music City Cowboys0.00
Blackhawk Bears0.00Details
Queen City Lions0.00
Valhalla Vikings0.00Details
Oklahoma Packers0.00
Oakland Saints0.00Details
Oslo Buccaneers0.00
Leicester Falcons0.00Details
Orphan - Panthers0.00
London Rams0.00Details
Spion Kop 49ers0.00
Phoenix Cardinals0.00Details
Rozelle Seahawks0.00
Columbus Bills0.00Details
Orphan - Jets0.00
Arkansas Dolphins0.00Details
SDM Patriots0.00
Rubber City Browns0.00Details
Robb's Steelers0.00
Orphan - Ravens0.00Details
Twin Cities Bengals0.00
Montgomery Texans0.00Details
Orphan - Jaguars0.00
Orphan - Colts0.00Details
Navy Titans0.00
Boise Chiefs0.00
Illuminati Chargers0.00Details
CaliZona Broncos0.00
Monday Report
Monday Report Will Be Displayed On Mondays During The Season For Head-To-Head Leagues.
Fantasy Recap - Game Of The Week
No Week 1 Recaps Are Available
Fantasy Preview - Game Of The Week
Enfield Eagles at Fleece City Giants

(MyFantasyLeague.com Fantasy Times Sources - Sep 10, 2019) Coming up in a week 1 Doppelganger Dynasty League intra-divisional rivalry, the 0-0 Enfield Eagles challenge the 0-0 Fleece City Giants.

"That's the key to the game," Enfield Eagles coach Jonathan Evans said.

"We'll have to find a way to contain him," Fleece City Giants coach Peter Wilk said.

This is the first game between these two franchises in 2019, and is sure to be a game for the ages. In the 3-year history of this rivalry, Enfield Eagles hold a 4-2-0 all-time series record against Fleece City Giants.

View All Week 1 Previews
10 Newest Transactions
# Franchise TypeTransactionDate
1Columbus BillsAdd/Drop Sat Jul 13 9:46:28 a.m. ET 2019
2CaliZona BroncosAdd/Drop Wed Jun 19 10:44:54 p.m. ET 2019
3DirtyRäiders™Add/Drop Wed May 22 11:28:38 a.m. ET 2019
4Queen City LionsAdd/Drop Mon May 13 10:33:59 a.m. ET 2019
5Queen City LionsAdd/Drop Mon May 13 10:32:26 a.m. ET 2019
6Illuminati ChargersAdd/Drop Fri May 10 1:14:48 a.m. ET 2019
7CaliZona BroncosAdd/Drop Thu May 9 11:05:05 p.m. ET 2019
8Leicester FalconsAdd/Drop Fri Apr 19 3:30:12 p.m. ET 2019
9DirtyRäiders™Add/Drop Tue Apr 9 9:45:04 p.m. ET 2019
10CaliZona Broncos / Twin Cities BengalsTrade Sun Mar 17 5:55:42 p.m. ET 2019
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Top 10 Free Agents
No Top Performers To Report
All Top Performer Free Agents
Top 10 Players
No Top Performers To Report
All Top Performer Players
Top 10 Steals
All Steals and Busts
Top 10 Busts
All Steals and Busts
Blind Bidding Summary
Blackhawk Bears$-2095.00$3095.00
Queen City Lions$-2482.00$3482.00
Oklahoma Packers$-3944.00$4944.00
Valhalla Vikings$-4322.00$5322.00
Oslo Buccaneers$-4590.00$5590.00
Leicester Falcons$-279.00$1279.00
Orphan - Panthers$-383.00$1383.00
Oakland Saints$-3023.00$4023.00
Music City Cowboys$-2469.00$3469.00
Enfield Eagles$-2523.00$3523.00
Fleece City Giants$-1646.00$2646.00
SeaTown Redskins$-485.00$1485.00
Spion Kop 49ers$-687.00$1687.00
Phoenix Cardinals$-27.00$1027.00
London Rams$-1223.00$2223.00
Rozelle Seahawks$-1401.00$2401.00
Twin Cities Bengals$-1637.00$2637.00
Rubber City Browns$-584.00$1584.00
Orphan - Ravens$-988.00$1988.00
Robb's Steelers$-97.00$1097.00
Orphan - Colts$-1183.00$2183.00
Orphan - Jaguars$-1386.00$2386.00
Montgomery Texans$0.00$1000.00
Navy Titans$-2871.00$3871.00
Columbus Bills$-1586.00$2586.00
Arkansas Dolphins$-1825.00$2825.00
Orphan - Jets$-1518.00$2518.00
SDM Patriots$-2493.00$3493.00
CaliZona Broncos$-240.00$1240.00
Illuminati Chargers$-273.00$1273.00
Boise Chiefs$-1557.00$2557.00
Season Records
1. Blackhawk Bears 2018 9504418.08 3181.98
2. Valhalla Vikings 2018 15004398.28 3387.34
3. Blackhawk Bears 2015 9604347.25 3445.46
4. Music City Cowboys 2011 13404334.59 3835.59
5. K'ville Bills 2015 12304322.78 3269.46
6. Blackhawk Bears 2014 14104308.35 3327.72
7. Arkansas Dolphins 2013 11304289.53 3426.83
8. Zelienople JETS 2012 11404286.81 3584.63
9. Leicester Falcons 2018 12204271.85 3172.52
10. Ocala Jaguars 2013 12404263.42 3641.31
All Season Records
Player Records
All Player Records
Record Streaks
#FranchiseYearStart WeekStreak LengthStreak Type
1.Mizzou Saints2013113Winning
2.Mayfield Bengals2015113Losing
3.Arkansas Dolphins2013112Winning
4.Valhalla Vikings2018112Winning
5.Music City Cowboys2018112Losing
6.Blackhawk Bears2014111Winning
7.Inland Empire Broncos2016311Winning
8.Indy Colts2013310Losing
9.Music City Cowboys2015210Losing
10.Mayfield Bengals201449Losing
All Record Streaks
League Awards
SeasonAward TitleFranchiseComments
2018 League ChampionValhalla Vikings
2018 Second Place OverallMontgomery Texans
2018 Third Place OverallLeicester Falcons
2018 League High ScorerBlackhawk Bears4418.08, winner by 20 points
2017 League ChampionLUCKY Colts!!
2017 Second Place OverallDetroit Rams
2017 Third Place OverallBlackhawk Bears
2017 League High ScorerLeicester Falcons4623.53, winner by 120 points
2016 League ChampionInland Empire Broncos
2016 Second Place OverallK'ville Bills
2015 League Champion League ChampionFleece City Giants
2015 Second Place OverallAustin Chiefs
2015 Third Place OverallK'ville Bills
2015 Fourth Place OverallVan Seahawks
2015 League High Scorer League High ScorerBlackhawk Bears4586.15 points, winner by 0.17 points
2014 League Champion League ChampionBlackhawk BearsBlackhawk Bears (272.13) defeated K'ville Bills (231.05)
2014 Second Place OverallK'ville Bills
2014 Third Place OverallVancouver Seahawks™
2014 Fourth Place OverallArkansas Dolphins
2014 League High Scorer League High ScorerBlackhawk Bears4308.35 points, winner by 214 points
2013 League ChampionK'ville Bills
2013 Second Place OverallFairview Raiders
2013 Third Place OverallToronto Lions
2013 League High ScorerArkansas Dolphins5128.18, winner by 56 points
2012 League Champion League ChampionZelienople JETSZelienople JETS (328.79) Spion Kop 49ers (277.36)
2012 Second Place OverallSpion Kop 49ers
2012 Third Place OverallToronto Lions
2012 Fourth Place OverallOcala Jaguars
2012 League High Scorer League High ScorerZelienople JETS(10-5) 5108.68, winner by 297 points
2012 The Kloppenburg Cup The Kloppenburg CupZelienople JETSCongratulations to Michael Hrivnak & his Zelienople Jets, winners of the 2012 Kloppenburg Cup. With a performance of sustained excellence, the Jets are yet again superbowl contenders. They were the league high scorer by over 200 points and have been arguably the best team in Doppelganger since the league commenced. Well done Riv and good luck in the Superbowl.
2011 League Champion League ChampionNorCal EaglesNorCal Eagles (236.38) def SF Steelers (207.9)
2011 Second Place OverallSF Steelers ◆NorCal Eagles (236.38) def SF Steelers (207.9)
2011 Third Place OverallMusic City Cowboys
2011 Fourth Place OverallZelienople, PA Jets
2011 League High Scorer League High ScorerMusic City Cowboys(12-3) 5172.04
My Bye Weeks
NFL Teams On Bye In Week 1
No NFL Teams On Bye
My Players On Bye In Week 1
No Players On My Roster On Bye
Week 1 MVP Players
All Week 1 Top Performers
Week 1 MVP Starters
All Week 1 Top Starters
League Standings

National Football Conference - NFC North

Franchise W‑L‑T PF
Blackhawk Bears 0‑0‑00
Queen City Lions 0‑0‑00
Oklahoma Packers 0‑0‑00
Valhalla Vikings 0‑0‑00

National Football Conference - NFC South

Franchise W‑L‑T PF
Oslo Buccaneers 0‑0‑00
Leicester Falcons 0‑0‑00
Orphan - Panthers 0‑0‑00
Oakland Saints 0‑0‑00

National Football Conference - NFC East

Franchise W‑L‑T PF
Music City Cowboys 0‑0‑00
Enfield Eagles 0‑0‑00
Fleece City Giants 0‑0‑00
SeaTown Redskins 0‑0‑00

National Football Conference - NFC West

Franchise W‑L‑T PF
Spion Kop 49ers 0‑0‑00
Phoenix Cardinals 0‑0‑00
London Rams 0‑0‑00
Rozelle Seahawks 0‑0‑00

American Football Conference - AFC North

Franchise W‑L‑T PF
Twin Cities Bengals 0‑0‑00
Rubber City Browns 0‑0‑00
Orphan - Ravens 0‑0‑00
Robb's Steelers 0‑0‑00

American Football Conference - AFC South

Franchise W‑L‑T PF
Orphan - Colts 0‑0‑00
Orphan - Jaguars 0‑0‑00
Montgomery Texans 0‑0‑00
Navy Titans 0‑0‑00

American Football Conference - AFC East

Franchise W‑L‑T PF
Columbus Bills 0‑0‑00
Arkansas Dolphins 0‑0‑00
Orphan - Jets 0‑0‑00
SDM Patriots 0‑0‑00

American Football Conference - AFC West

Franchise W‑L‑T PF
CaliZona Broncos 0‑0‑00
Illuminati Chargers 0‑0‑00
Boise Chiefs 0‑0‑00
DirtyRäiders™ 0‑0‑00
Weekly Results
Select A Franchise:
The chart will appear within this DIV. This text will be replaced by the chart. If it does not, it most likely means that you have this Weekly Results Chart twice on your league home page, when it can only appear once.
Weekly Summary
Franchise/Week 1 PF
Blackhawk Bears0.00 0.00
Queen City Lions0.00 0.00
Oklahoma Packers0.00 0.00
Valhalla Vikings0.00 0.00
Oslo Buccaneers0.00 0.00
Leicester Falcons0.00 0.00
Orphan - Panthers0.00 0.00
Oakland Saints0.00 0.00
Music City Cowboys0.00 0.00
Enfield Eagles0.00 0.00
Fleece City Giants0.00 0.00
SeaTown Redskins0.00 0.00
Spion Kop 49ers0.00 0.00
Phoenix Cardinals0.00 0.00
London Rams0.00 0.00
Rozelle Seahawks0.00 0.00
Twin Cities Bengals0.00 0.00
Rubber City Browns0.00 0.00
Orphan - Ravens0.00 0.00
Robb's Steelers0.00 0.00
Orphan - Colts0.00 0.00
Orphan - Jaguars0.00 0.00
Montgomery Texans0.00 0.00
Navy Titans0.00 0.00
Columbus Bills0.00 0.00
Arkansas Dolphins0.00 0.00
Orphan - Jets0.00 0.00
SDM Patriots0.00 0.00
CaliZona Broncos0.00 0.00
Illuminati Chargers0.00 0.00
Boise Chiefs0.00 0.00
DirtyRäiders™0.00 0.00
Power Rankings
  All-Play Record
Franchise PF PP Eff Bench Points Max PF Min PF Coulda Won Woulda Lost Power Rank Alternate Power Rank W L T Pct
Blackhawk Bears00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Queen City Lions00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Oklahoma Packers00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Valhalla Vikings00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Oslo Buccaneers00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Leicester Falcons00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Orphan - Panthers00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Oakland Saints00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Music City Cowboys00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Enfield Eagles00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Fleece City Giants00.0%0.00000.000000.000
SeaTown Redskins00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Spion Kop 49ers00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Phoenix Cardinals00.0%0.00000.000000.000
London Rams00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Rozelle Seahawks00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Twin Cities Bengals00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Rubber City Browns00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Orphan - Ravens00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Robb's Steelers00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Orphan - Colts00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Orphan - Jaguars00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Montgomery Texans00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Navy Titans00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Columbus Bills00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Arkansas Dolphins00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Orphan - Jets00.0%0.00000.000000.000
SDM Patriots00.0%0.00000.000000.000
CaliZona Broncos00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Illuminati Chargers00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Boise Chiefs00.0%0.00000.000000.000
Starter Points By Position
 QB    RB    WR    TE    PK    DT    DE    LB    CB    S  
The chart will appear within this DIV. This text will be replaced by the chart. If it does not, it most likely means that you have this Position Chart twice on your league home page, when it can only appear once.
Full Report
Points Allowed By Position
 QB    RB    WR    TE    PK    DT    DE    LB    CB    S  
The chart will appear within this DIV. This text will be replaced by the chart. If it does not, it most likely means that you have this Points Allowed Chart twice on your league home page, when it can only appear once.
Full Report
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My Scratchpad
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Survivor Pool
Franchise/Week 1234567891011121314151617
Blackhawk Bears-----------------
Queen City Lions-----------------
Oklahoma Packers-----------------
Valhalla Vikings-----------------
Oslo Buccaneers-----------------
Leicester Falcons-----------------
Orphan - Panthers-----------------
Oakland Saints-----------------
Music City Cowboys-----------------
Enfield Eagles-----------------
Fleece City Giants-----------------
SeaTown Redskins-----------------
Spion Kop 49ers-----------------
Phoenix Cardinals-----------------
London Rams-----------------
Rozelle Seahawks-----------------
Twin Cities Bengals-----------------
Rubber City Browns-----------------
Orphan - Ravens-----------------
Robb's Steelers-----------------
Orphan - Colts-----------------
Orphan - Jaguars-----------------
Montgomery Texans-----------------
Navy Titans-----------------
Columbus Bills-----------------
Arkansas Dolphins-----------------
Orphan - Jets-----------------
SDM Patriots-----------------
CaliZona Broncos-----------------
Illuminati Chargers-----------------
Boise Chiefs-----------------
Top Site-Wide Survivor Picks
WeekTop Survivor PickPct
Who Should I Start?
Should StartShould BenchPctCount
Allen, Josh BUF QBManning, Eli NYG QB97.50%79
Allen, Josh BUF QBTannehill, Ryan TEN QB96.90%65
Allen, Josh BUF QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB94.30%53
Allen, Josh BUF QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB93.70%63
Allen, Josh BUF QBFoles, Nick JAC QB92.60%68
Allen, Josh BUF QBCarr, Derek OAK QB90.90%66
Allen, Josh BUF QBStafford, Matthew DET QB80.40%51
Allen, Josh BUF QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB69.80%53
Allen, Josh BUF QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB65.20%66
Allen, Josh BUF QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB61.70%47
Allen, Josh BUF QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB58.70%63
Allen, Josh BUF QBNewton, Cam CAR QB53.10%64
Allen, Josh BUF QBRivers, Philip LAC QB52.80%53
Brady, Tom NEP QBRosen, Josh MIA QB97.80%91
Brady, Tom NEP QBCarr, Derek OAK QB96.90%65
Brady, Tom NEP QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB94.40%72
Brady, Tom NEP QBStafford, Matthew DET QB94.20%52
Brady, Tom NEP QBDalton, Andy CIN QB94.20%52
Brady, Tom NEP QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB87.70%65
Brady, Tom NEP QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB82.00%111
Brady, Tom NEP QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB60.90%64
Brady, Tom NEP QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB60.90%69
Brady, Tom NEP QBAllen, Josh BUF QB50.60%83
Brees, Drew NOS QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB97.50%81
Brees, Drew NOS QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB96.10%77
Brees, Drew NOS QBBrady, Tom NEP QB95.60%68
Brees, Drew NOS QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB95.20%83
Brees, Drew NOS QBRyan, Matt ATL QB95.00%40
Brees, Drew NOS QBNewton, Cam CAR QB93.00%43
Brees, Drew NOS QBRivers, Philip LAC QB93.00%57
Brees, Drew NOS QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB92.50%53
Brees, Drew NOS QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB88.50%61
Brees, Drew NOS QBGoff, Jared LAR QB83.80%74
Brees, Drew NOS QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB83.70%98
Brees, Drew NOS QBAllen, Josh BUF QB83.00%88
Brees, Drew NOS QBWentz, Carson PHI QB78.20%87
Brees, Drew NOS QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB78.20%55
Brees, Drew NOS QBPrescott, Dak DAL QB73.50%68
Brees, Drew NOS QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB64.20%67
Carr, Derek OAK QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB93.90%33
Carr, Derek OAK QBKeenum, Case WAS QB85.40%41
Carr, Derek OAK QBManning, Eli NYG QB75.00%44
Carr, Derek OAK QBFlacco, Joe DEN QB69.60%46
Carr, Derek OAK QBFoles, Nick JAC QB59.40%32
Carr, Derek OAK QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB58.30%36
Carr, Derek OAK QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB52.50%40
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBFoles, Nick JAC QB97.80%89
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB97.30%73
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB96.50%86
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBCarr, Derek OAK QB96.00%75
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBStafford, Matthew DET QB95.90%74
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB86.80%76
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB86.00%50
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB83.60%73
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBRivers, Philip LAC QB80.90%68
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB74.60%71
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBGoff, Jared LAR QB74.10%58
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBBrady, Tom NEP QB69.20%65
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB68.90%61
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBNewton, Cam CAR QB64.30%56
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB62.70%75
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBAllen, Josh BUF QB60.60%71
Cousins, Kirk MIN QBRyan, Matt ATL QB56.20%64
Dalton, Andy CIN QBBrissett, Jacoby IND QB89.50%19
Dalton, Andy CIN QBManning, Eli NYG QB87.50%24
Dalton, Andy CIN QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB83.30%18
Dalton, Andy CIN QBFoles, Nick JAC QB68.60%35
Dalton, Andy CIN QBCarr, Derek OAK QB54.30%35
Dalton, Andy CIN QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB50.00%30
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBKeenum, Case WAS QB90.60%32
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBKizer, DeShone GBP QB88.20%17
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBFoles, Nick JAC QB71.80%39
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBFlacco, Joe DEN QB70.80%24
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBManning, Eli NYG QB59.00%39
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB51.90%54
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB50.00%40
Darnold, Sam NYJ QBDalton, Andy CIN QB50.00%30
Fitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QBRosen, Josh MIA QB62.50%24
Fitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB54.50%11
Flacco, Joe DEN QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB92.00%25
Flacco, Joe DEN QBRosen, Josh MIA QB90.90%22
Flacco, Joe DEN QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB84.20%19
Flacco, Joe DEN QBManning, Eli NYG QB84.00%25
Foles, Nick JAC QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB90.90%22
Foles, Nick JAC QBFitzpatrick, Ryan MIA QB88.90%18
Foles, Nick JAC QBKeenum, Case WAS QB75.00%32
Foles, Nick JAC QBManning, Eli NYG QB71.90%32
Foles, Nick JAC QBFlacco, Joe DEN QB55.00%20
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB96.90%65
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBDalton, Andy CIN QB96.40%56
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBFoles, Nick JAC QB96.30%54
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBGriffin III, Robert BAL QB90.50%21
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB90.00%60
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBCarr, Derek OAK QB88.20%68
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB78.00%50
Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QBStafford, Matthew DET QB72.10%61
Goff, Jared LAR QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB97.70%88
Goff, Jared LAR QBFoles, Nick JAC QB97.40%78
Goff, Jared LAR QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB96.20%78
Goff, Jared LAR QBStafford, Matthew DET QB93.70%63
Goff, Jared LAR QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB87.00%46
Goff, Jared LAR QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB81.40%70
Goff, Jared LAR QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB80.90%68
Goff, Jared LAR QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB78.10%64
Goff, Jared LAR QBAllen, Josh BUF QB76.10%71
Goff, Jared LAR QBBrady, Tom NEP QB69.70%66
Goff, Jared LAR QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB61.20%85
Goff, Jared LAR QBNewton, Cam CAR QB60.00%55
Goff, Jared LAR QBRyan, Matt ATL QB56.60%53
Goff, Jared LAR QBRivers, Philip LAC QB50.00%64
Jackson, Lamar BAL QBBridgewater, Teddy NOS QB97.10%69
Jackson, Lamar BAL QBFlacco, Joe DEN QB96.50%86
Jackson, Lamar BAL QBFoles, Nick JAC QB96.20%52
Jackson, Lamar BAL QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB94.50%73
Jackson, Lamar BAL QBCarr, Derek OAK QB94.20%52
Jackson, Lamar BAL QBStafford, Matthew DET QB80.80%52
Jackson, Lamar BAL QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB73.30%60
Jackson, Lamar BAL QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB72.70%44
Keenum, Case WAS QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB82.10%28
Keenum, Case WAS QBTannehill, Ryan TEN QB80.00%10
Luck, Andrew IND QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB98.10%103
Luck, Andrew IND QBFlacco, Joe DEN QB98.00%102
Luck, Andrew IND QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB97.50%80
Luck, Andrew IND QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB97.40%77
Luck, Andrew IND QBGoff, Jared LAR QB96.50%57
Luck, Andrew IND QBBrady, Tom NEP QB96.30%81
Luck, Andrew IND QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB95.90%73
Luck, Andrew IND QBPrescott, Dak DAL QB94.30%70
Luck, Andrew IND QBRyan, Matt ATL QB94.10%51
Luck, Andrew IND QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB93.60%78
Luck, Andrew IND QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB86.90%61
Luck, Andrew IND QBWentz, Carson PHI QB79.40%63
Luck, Andrew IND QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB67.90%28
Luck, Andrew IND QBBrees, Drew NOS QB66.70%57
Luck, Andrew IND QBWilson, Russell SEA QB58.30%36
Mahomes, Patrick KCC QBFoles, Nick JAC QB98.00%102
Mahomes, Patrick KCC QBStafford, Matthew DET QB97.10%104
Mahomes, Patrick KCC QBBrees, Drew NOS QB96.80%62
Mahomes, Patrick KCC QBLuck, Andrew IND QB91.30%46
Mahomes, Patrick KCC QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB84.20%57
Mahomes, Patrick KCC QBWatson, Deshaun HOU QB82.10%39
Manning, Eli NYG QBKeenum, Case WAS QB85.70%21
Manning, Eli NYG QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB84.20%19
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBTannehill, Ryan TEN QB97.70%86
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBFlacco, Joe DEN QB91.40%35
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBHaskins, Dwayne WAS QB83.30%24
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBFoles, Nick JAC QB68.40%38
Mariota, Marcus TEN QBDalton, Andy CIN QB53.70%41
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBStafford, Matthew DET QB97.80%92
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB95.60%68
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB92.90%84
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB92.00%75
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB89.50%86
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBNewton, Cam CAR QB87.20%78
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBRivers, Philip LAC QB85.40%82
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBAllen, Josh BUF QB84.20%57
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBRyan, Matt ATL QB83.60%55
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBBrady, Tom NEP QB83.30%84
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBGoff, Jared LAR QB78.80%66
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB78.50%93
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB71.60%67
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBPrescott, Dak DAL QB69.60%79
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBWentz, Carson PHI QB67.10%70
Mayfield, Baker CLE QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB65.60%64
Murray, Kyler ARI QBKeenum, Case WAS QB88.90%27
Murray, Kyler ARI QBManning, Eli NYG QB82.50%40
Murray, Kyler ARI QBFlacco, Joe DEN QB78.10%32
Murray, Kyler ARI QBDalton, Andy CIN QB74.40%39
Murray, Kyler ARI QBFoles, Nick JAC QB70.60%34
Murray, Kyler ARI QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB70.50%44
Murray, Kyler ARI QBCarr, Derek OAK QB51.10%45
Murray, Kyler ARI QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB50.00%40
Newton, Cam CAR QBFoles, Nick JAC QB97.80%90
Newton, Cam CAR QBDalton, Andy CIN QB97.40%77
Newton, Cam CAR QBBridgewater, Teddy NOS QB96.90%64
Newton, Cam CAR QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB95.40%87
Newton, Cam CAR QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB94.70%76
Newton, Cam CAR QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB93.90%49
Newton, Cam CAR QBStafford, Matthew DET QB88.10%67
Newton, Cam CAR QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB79.60%54
Newton, Cam CAR QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB76.90%65
Newton, Cam CAR QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB76.00%75
Newton, Cam CAR QBBrady, Tom NEP QB60.60%66
Newton, Cam CAR QBRivers, Philip LAC QB59.00%78
Prescott, Dak DAL QBFoles, Nick JAC QB96.10%77
Prescott, Dak DAL QBFlacco, Joe DEN QB95.40%65
Prescott, Dak DAL QBCarr, Derek OAK QB94.20%69
Prescott, Dak DAL QBDalton, Andy CIN QB93.70%79
Prescott, Dak DAL QBStafford, Matthew DET QB90.00%60
Prescott, Dak DAL QBAllen, Josh BUF QB87.10%70
Prescott, Dak DAL QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB84.60%65
Prescott, Dak DAL QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB83.90%56
Prescott, Dak DAL QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB80.60%62
Prescott, Dak DAL QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB75.60%78
Prescott, Dak DAL QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB75.00%56
Prescott, Dak DAL QBRivers, Philip LAC QB66.10%62
Prescott, Dak DAL QBNewton, Cam CAR QB66.10%59
Prescott, Dak DAL QBBrady, Tom NEP QB64.80%88
Prescott, Dak DAL QBRyan, Matt ATL QB59.70%67
Prescott, Dak DAL QBGoff, Jared LAR QB55.80%77
Prescott, Dak DAL QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB51.50%68
Rivers, Philip LAC QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB97.30%73
Rivers, Philip LAC QBStafford, Matthew DET QB97.10%68
Rivers, Philip LAC QBCarr, Derek OAK QB96.80%63
Rivers, Philip LAC QBFoles, Nick JAC QB95.70%70
Rivers, Philip LAC QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB78.40%37
Rivers, Philip LAC QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB78.20%55
Rivers, Philip LAC QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB76.20%63
Rivers, Philip LAC QBBrady, Tom NEP QB71.20%52
Rivers, Philip LAC QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB64.70%51
Rivers, Philip LAC QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB53.70%54
Rivers, Philip LAC QBGoff, Jared LAR QB50.00%64
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBFoles, Nick JAC QB98.20%112
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB97.50%81
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB96.80%62
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBStafford, Matthew DET QB96.20%79
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB95.50%66
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBRivers, Philip LAC QB94.30%87
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB94.00%84
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB93.90%82
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBNewton, Cam CAR QB93.60%47
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB92.00%75
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBWentz, Carson PHI QB91.10%56
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBPrescott, Dak DAL QB88.90%72
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB87.70%57
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBAllen, Josh BUF QB85.00%80
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBBrady, Tom NEP QB84.80%66
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBGoff, Jared LAR QB84.40%45
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB77.00%61
Rodgers, Aaron GBP QBBrees, Drew NOS QB72.30%47
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBCarr, Derek OAK QB94.10%68
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBStafford, Matthew DET QB93.60%78
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB93.40%76
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB86.40%59
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB82.40%51
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB75.90%58
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB75.00%60
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBNewton, Cam CAR QB67.90%56
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBBrady, Tom NEP QB67.20%64
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBRivers, Philip LAC QB66.10%56
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBRyan, Matt ATL QB65.90%85
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBAllen, Josh BUF QB61.70%60
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBGoff, Jared LAR QB61.40%57
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBPrescott, Dak DAL QB56.40%55
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB50.60%77
Rosen, Josh MIA QBKeenum, Case WAS QB54.50%11
Ryan, Matt ATL QBRosen, Josh MIA QB97.70%86
Ryan, Matt ATL QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB96.60%58
Ryan, Matt ATL QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB96.20%79
Ryan, Matt ATL QBStafford, Matthew DET QB92.10%63
Ryan, Matt ATL QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB91.10%45
Ryan, Matt ATL QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB71.00%62
Ryan, Matt ATL QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB68.30%60
Ryan, Matt ATL QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB66.70%84
Ryan, Matt ATL QBBrady, Tom NEP QB64.10%64
Ryan, Matt ATL QBAllen, Josh BUF QB57.70%71
Ryan, Matt ATL QBRivers, Philip LAC QB52.70%55
Ryan, Matt ATL QBNewton, Cam CAR QB51.50%66
Stafford, Matthew DET QBFlacco, Joe DEN QB95.90%49
Stafford, Matthew DET QBCarr, Derek OAK QB92.20%51
Stafford, Matthew DET QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB88.00%50
Stafford, Matthew DET QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB87.70%57
Stafford, Matthew DET QBFoles, Nick JAC QB81.60%49
Stafford, Matthew DET QBDalton, Andy CIN QB70.50%44
Stafford, Matthew DET QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB57.50%40
Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB93.50%62
Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB92.60%68
Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QBCarr, Derek OAK QB89.10%64
Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QBStafford, Matthew DET QB85.10%47
Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB74.00%50
Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB62.80%43
Trubisky, Mitchell CHI QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB55.60%54
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB98.00%101
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBRivers, Philip LAC QB97.30%75
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB96.90%65
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBRyan, Matt ATL QB96.70%61
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB96.60%88
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB96.30%54
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB95.30%86
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBWentz, Carson PHI QB94.60%37
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBBrady, Tom NEP QB93.10%72
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBBrees, Drew NOS QB81.80%77
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB80.40%56
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBLuck, Andrew IND QB70.70%41
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB70.60%34
Watson, Deshaun HOU QBWilson, Russell SEA QB66.70%42
Wentz, Carson PHI QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB97.90%96
Wentz, Carson PHI QBStafford, Matthew DET QB97.40%76
Wentz, Carson PHI QBMariota, Marcus TEN QB96.60%87
Wentz, Carson PHI QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB94.90%78
Wentz, Carson PHI QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB90.20%82
Wentz, Carson PHI QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB87.30%71
Wentz, Carson PHI QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB86.10%79
Wentz, Carson PHI QBAllen, Josh BUF QB82.30%96
Wentz, Carson PHI QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB77.90%86
Wentz, Carson PHI QBGoff, Jared LAR QB77.60%58
Wentz, Carson PHI QBNewton, Cam CAR QB77.60%49
Wentz, Carson PHI QBBrady, Tom NEP QB75.40%69
Wentz, Carson PHI QBRyan, Matt ATL QB73.80%61
Wentz, Carson PHI QBRivers, Philip LAC QB73.60%91
Wentz, Carson PHI QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB67.10%73
Wentz, Carson PHI QBPrescott, Dak DAL QB66.70%60
Wentz, Carson PHI QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB57.60%66
Wilson, Russell SEA QBAllen, Josh BUF QB96.60%89
Wilson, Russell SEA QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB96.50%85
Wilson, Russell SEA QBGoff, Jared LAR QB95.30%43
Wilson, Russell SEA QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB95.20%84
Wilson, Russell SEA QBRivers, Philip LAC QB93.50%77
Wilson, Russell SEA QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB93.30%89
Wilson, Russell SEA QBCousins, Kirk MIN QB92.90%56
Wilson, Russell SEA QBRoethlisberger, Ben PIT QB92.40%66
Wilson, Russell SEA QBBrady, Tom NEP QB92.10%76
Wilson, Russell SEA QBWinston, Jameis TBB QB88.00%83
Wilson, Russell SEA QBWentz, Carson PHI QB85.40%48
Wilson, Russell SEA QBRyan, Matt ATL QB85.10%47
Wilson, Russell SEA QBMayfield, Baker CLE QB75.30%77
Wilson, Russell SEA QBRodgers, Aaron GBP QB67.90%28
Wilson, Russell SEA QBBrees, Drew NOS QB66.00%50
Winston, Jameis TBB QBDarnold, Sam NYJ QB97.40%78
Winston, Jameis TBB QBManning, Eli NYG QB97.00%67
Winston, Jameis TBB QBFoles, Nick JAC QB96.70%60
Winston, Jameis TBB QBDalton, Andy CIN QB96.70%60
Winston, Jameis TBB QBCarr, Derek OAK QB91.50%59
Winston, Jameis TBB QBMurray, Kyler ARI QB90.90%55
Winston, Jameis TBB QBStafford, Matthew DET QB85.30%75
Winston, Jameis TBB QBTrubisky, Mitchell CHI QB82.10%67
Winston, Jameis TBB QBGaroppolo, Jimmy SFO QB70.10%77
Winston, Jameis TBB QBRyan, Matt ATL QB67.70%65
Winston, Jameis TBB QBJackson, Lamar BAL QB64.70%85
Winston, Jameis TBB QBBrady, Tom NEP QB63.50%74
Winston, Jameis TBB QBAllen, Josh BUF QB61.70%60
Winston, Jameis TBB QBNewton, Cam CAR QB59.70%67
Full Who Should I Start Report
NFL Pick 'Em Pool Summary
Blackhawk Bears000000000000000000
Queen City Lions000000000000000000
Oklahoma Packers000000000000000000
Valhalla Vikings000000000000000000
Oslo Buccaneers000000000000000000
Leicester Falcons000000000000000000
Orphan - Panthers000000000000000000
Oakland Saints000000000000000000
Music City Cowboys000000000000000000
Enfield Eagles000000000000000000
Fleece City Giants000000000000000000
SeaTown Redskins000000000000000000
Spion Kop 49ers000000000000000000
Phoenix Cardinals000000000000000000
London Rams000000000000000000
Rozelle Seahawks000000000000000000
Twin Cities Bengals000000000000000000
Rubber City Browns000000000000000000
Orphan - Ravens000000000000000000
Robb's Steelers000000000000000000
Orphan - Colts000000000000000000
Orphan - Jaguars000000000000000000
Montgomery Texans000000000000000000
Navy Titans000000000000000000
Columbus Bills000000000000000000
Arkansas Dolphins000000000000000000
Orphan - Jets000000000000000000
SDM Patriots000000000000000000
CaliZona Broncos000000000000000000
Illuminati Chargers000000000000000000
Boise Chiefs000000000000000000
Detailed Results
Fantasy Pick 'Em Pool Summary
Blackhawk Bears00000000000000000
Queen City Lions00000000000000000
Oklahoma Packers00000000000000000
Valhalla Vikings00000000000000000
Oslo Buccaneers00000000000000000
Leicester Falcons00000000000000000
Orphan - Panthers00000000000000000
Oakland Saints00000000000000000
Music City Cowboys00000000000000000
Enfield Eagles00000000000000000
Fleece City Giants00000000000000000
SeaTown Redskins00000000000000000
Spion Kop 49ers00000000000000000
Phoenix Cardinals00000000000000000
London Rams00000000000000000
Rozelle Seahawks00000000000000000
Twin Cities Bengals00000000000000000
Rubber City Browns00000000000000000
Orphan - Ravens00000000000000000
Robb's Steelers00000000000000000
Orphan - Colts00000000000000000
Orphan - Jaguars00000000000000000
Montgomery Texans00000000000000000
Navy Titans00000000000000000
Columbus Bills00000000000000000
Arkansas Dolphins00000000000000000
Orphan - Jets00000000000000000
SDM Patriots00000000000000000
CaliZona Broncos00000000000000000
Illuminati Chargers00000000000000000
Boise Chiefs00000000000000000
Detailed Results
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  Winner of Game #3  
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  Paragon AFC Championship Winner
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  Winner of Game #4  
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  Winner of Game #4  
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Week 16 Paragon Superbowl Winner
Winner of Game #5 From Paragon AFC Playoffs Bracket  
  Paragon Superbowl Winner
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