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Contract Designation: Mon Sep 2 12:00:00 p.m. ET 2019

Mon, 2 Sep 2019 12:00:00 UTC-0400

  • Use the message board to submit your contract designations for newly acquired auctioned players. Please post to the master thread rather than starting a new one
  • Salary Cap is still $65,000,000
  • Contract Cap is 54 years
  • Use the Contract Report as a tool to aid you in assigning contract years
  • Trade window is now open and trades will cost $2 per trading team
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South Park Cows15 minutes ago
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Franchise Tag Master Thread (Deadline Friday April 5)Sun Feb 17 5:06:50 p.m. ET 2019
Written rules have been updatedFri Feb 15 12:29:25 p.m. ET 2019
Minor Rule Changes for 2019 SeasonFri Feb 15 11:52:35 a.m. ET 2019
Lev BellTue Feb 12 12:48:25 p.m. ET 2019
In Season Signing (ISS) TrackingWed Feb 6 2:54:03 p.m. ET 2019
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Add a seveth team to playoffs that will qualify based on highest points scored.
Yes, I agree:5
No, I don't agree:7
Abstain as I don't feel strongly one way or the other.:1
Total Votes:13
By Commissioner - Public - Open Until Thu Feb 21 8:00:00 p.m. ET 2019 (More Polls)
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League Standings
Franchise W‑L‑T GB Strk PF PA BBID $ Bal
6-time Teabag Kings 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$16000000.00
Cooks Kitchen 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$16000000.00
Cool Story Bro 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$16000000.00
Detroit Rock City 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$16000000.00
Fatt Bottom Girls 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$16000000.00
Golfview Dolphins 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$16000000.00
Hotlanta 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$16000000.00
Killer B's 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$16000000.00
Osaka Giants 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$16000000.00
Polk High 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$16000000.00
The Salams 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$16000000.00
Show me your TD's 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$16000000.00
South Park Cows 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$16000000.00
TOG 0‑0‑00.0 - 0 0$16000000.00
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Top Player Chart
Top 35 Week 1 Adds
1.Harry, N'Keal FA WR (R) 2.95%
2.Montgomery, David FA RB (R) 2.85%
3.Metcalf, DK FA WR (R) 2.80%
4.Brown, A.J. FA WR (R) 2.80%
5.Harmon, Kelvin FA WR (R) 2.59%
6.Kaepernick, Colin FA QB2.49%
7.Harris, Damien FA RB (R) 2.44%
8.Anderson, Rodney FA RB (R) (Q)2.44%
9.Love, Bryce FA RB (R) (Q)2.39%
10.Bryant, Martavis OAK WR (S)2.34%
11.Jarwin, Blake DAL TE2.29%
12.Watson, Justin TBB WR2.24%
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League Reports
Trade Bait
FranchiseWill Give UpIn Exchange For
Killer B's
Polk High
The Salams
TOGLooking for WR and Def and upgrade picks or next year picks.
10 Newest Transactions
# Franchise Type Transaction Date
1.The Salams / Osaka Giants Trade
  • The Salams gave up Year 2019 Draft Pick 1.14;Year 2019 Draft Pick 3.14
  • Osaka Giants gave up Cooks, Brandin LAR WR
Wed Feb 13 1:53:12 p.m. ET 2019
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Blind Bidding Summary
6-time Teabag Kings$0.00$16000000.00
Cooks Kitchen$0.00$16000000.00
Cool Story Bro$0.00$16000000.00
Detroit Rock City $0.00$16000000.00
Fatt Bottom Girls$0.00$16000000.00
Golfview Dolphins$0.00$16000000.00
Killer B's$0.00$16000000.00
Osaka Giants $0.00$16000000.00
Polk High$0.00$16000000.00
The Salams$0.00$16000000.00
Show me your TD's$0.00$16000000.00
South Park Cows$0.00$16000000.00
Featured Articles
FOR WHOM THE BELL TOILS: Forecasting Le’Veon Bell’s Fantasy Value in 2019
Gary Davenport (FantasySharks) published Feb 19, 2019

Darnold, Sam NYJ QB
Sam Darnold

Back in 2017, Kansas City’s Kareem Hunt and Pittsburgh’s Le’Veon Bell were two of the most productive running backs in fantasy football. Hunt led the NFL with 1,327 rushing yards and finished the season third in points per reception (PPR) league fantasy points at the position. Bell rushed for 1.291 yards, caught 85 passes and finished the year one slot higher.

The 2018 campaign was a much different story. Hunt was rolling right along until he was stunningly released in November after a video surfaced that showed him assaulting a woman. Bell never got out of the gate. His contract impasse with Pittsburgh reached critical mass and then some — rather than play under the franchise tag for a second consecutive season, Bell (More...)

2019 Accounting Summary

Prize Money Accounting Notes:

  • Any discrepancy between the prize money report above and the league accounting report is due to outstanding money owed, pre-payments made or prize money paid out.
  • Due to rounding weekly prize winnings may cause a slight imbalance between trade/waiver/fines money charged versus weekly prize money paid out.
  • The $150 discrepancy in prize winnings of $3,350 and the cumulative yearly entry dues of $3,500 is due to the $100 hosting fees and the "Run the Table" $50 prize money that is retained until a team accomplishes the feat.

Entry Fee Accounting
Franchise Owner(s) $50 Security
$250 Entry Fee ( Paid / Owes )
2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
6-Time Teabag Kings Kris $50 $40 na na na na
Cooks Kitchen Chris Cook $50 $250 na na na na
Cool Story Bro Shawn Cyr $50 $250 na na na na
Detroit Rock City Dan Palanca $50 $250 na na na na
Fatt Bottom Girls Josh $50 $250 na na na na
Golfview Dolphins Tom Ferreira $50 $250 na na na na
Hotlanta Joey Fisher $50 $250 na na na na
Killer B's Jesse Batchelor $50 $250 na na na na
Osaka Giants Mike Steffler $50 $250 na na na na
Polk High Dan Bridgeman $50 $250 na na na na
The Salams Liam Mastronardi & Mike Policella $50 $250 na na na na
Show me your TD's Joe $50 $250 na na na na
South Park Cows Luca Mastronardi $50 $250 na na na na
TOG Jeremy Richard $50 $250 na na na na
TAXI SQUAD: 30 (Maximum 3 years)
  • Unlimited players allowed
  • 3 week minimum
  • IR, OUT, DOUBTFUL to qualify
  • Full salary counts towards cap
  • Compliance deadline (after 3 weeks on IR) Sunday noon
CONTRACT CAP: 54 years
CAP HITS: Cutting a player results in a cap hit of 20% per contract year remaining
STARTING LINEUP(16):Offense (8): 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1Flex(RB/WR/TE)
 Defense (8): 2DL, 3LB, 2DB 1D-Flex(DL/DB)
REGULAR SEASON: 13 weeks; each team plays every other team 1 time
PLAYOFFS: 3 weeks; Championship Bowl (Top 6 teams); Consolation Bowl (Bottom 8 teams)
  • $2 per trade per team in-season
  • Free in the off-season
  • Trade Assets: Players on Active Roster, Taxi Squad or IR; Draft Picks, RFA, & ISS all up to 3 years out
  • Trade Deadline: Fantasy Week 11 Sunday at noon
  • Trades allowed throughout year except for the following periods:
      Fantasy weeks 12 to 16, Offer Sheet week, Right to Match week, Roster Freeze and Auction Draft
BLIND BID (BBID): 1 player max per week; minimum bid 200k, every Wednesday at 6:00pm
FIRST-COME FIRST-SERVED (FCFS): Unlimited, 600k salary, every Wednesday at 6:15pm (closes Sunday at 1:00pm)
IN-SEASON SIGNING (ISS): 2-week audition; 500k minimum signing; each team is alotted 3 ISS assets per season which can be traded
  • League Rollover (Early February)
  • Franchise Tag Deadline (1st Friday in April)
  • Offer Sheet Period (1st Friday in May - 2nd Friday in May)
  • Right To Match Period (2nd Friday in May - 3rd Friday in May)
  • RFA Contract Designation Deadline (4th Friday in May)
  • Rookie Draft (June)
  • Roster Freeze (July)
  • Auction Draft (July)
  • Contract Designation Deadline (Monday prior to game 1 kickoff)
  • Regular Season Starts (Monday prior to game 1 kickoff)
  • First BBID Waivers (Wednesday 6:00pm prior to game 1 kickoff) happens 15 more times
  • First FCFS Waivers (Wednesday 6:15pm prior to game 1 kickoff) happens 15 more times
  • Trade Deadline (Week 11 Sunday at noon)
  • Playoffs Start (Week 14)
  • Off-Season Starts (Week 17)
RFA TYPE (player can be re-signed if contract is more than 1 year or 2 years if franchise tag)
AUCTION: 1 to 5 years at auction price
TAXI-PROMOTION: 1 to 5 years; multiplier is base rookie salary times years signed
ISS: 1 to 5 years at blind bid amount with a 500k minimum
FRANCHISE TAG: 1 year contract that can be extended 2 years less than length of original contract
UFA TYPE (player cannot be re-signed at end of contract)
RE-SIGN: Extending a player that is an RFA; maximum term is one year less than the original contract
FCFS: 1 year contract at 600k
Note: Each team is alotted 3 RFA assets per season which can be traded. They are used to match offer sheets and/or sign own RFA players
(Weeks 1 to 13)
(Weeks 14 to 16)
Franchise Tag
1st Friday
Offer Sheet
1 week
starts 1st Friday
1 week before Auction

Monday before First Kickoff
Right To Match
1 week
starts 2nd Friday
RFA Contracts
starts 3rd Friday
 Deadline: 4th Friday 

OFF-SEASON: Extends from Week 17 of previous NFL season to the Rookie Draft. League rolls over to new season some time in February. On roll over players with one year remaining on contract are released and all others have one year deducted. Franchise Tag, Offer Sheet, Right to Match and RFA Contracts are all part of the Off-Season.
Salary Cap: None Contract Cap: None *Trades Allowed: Yes (free) Waivers Allowed: NoneInjured Reserve: UnmonitoredValid Lineup: No

Salary Cap: Variable Contract Cap: Variable Trades Allowed: Variable Waivers Allowed: NoneInjured Reserve: NoneValid Lineup: Variable

ROOKIE DRAFT: Part of the Pre-Season. Rookie Draft is typically held in June.
Salary Cap: None Contract Cap: None Trades Allowed: Yes(free)Valid Lineup: No

ROSTER FREEZE: Starts one week before Auction Draft. Contract cap is reinstated. No IR players allowed. Vacant active roster spots count as 1 contract year and $200,000 towards relevant caps. Teams must be in compliance with salary and contract cap limits at START of roster freeze.
Salary Cap: $65m Contract Cap: 54 Trades Allowed: NoValid Lineup: No

AUCTION DRAFT: Typically held in July.
Salary Cap: $65m Contract Cap: 54 Trades Allowed: NoValid Lineup: Yes

CONTRACT DESIGNATION: Period from end of Auction Draft to Start of Regular Season where new contracts can be assigned to auctioned picks.
Salary Cap: None Contract Cap: None Trades Allowed: Yes(free)Valid Lineup: Yes
At Deadline:
Salary Cap: $65m Contract Cap: 54 Trades Allowed: N/AValid Lineup: Yes

REGULAR SEASON: Weeks 1 to 13 of the NFL Schedule.
Salary Cap: $75m Contract Cap: None Trades Allowed: Weeks 1 to 11 Waivers Allowed: BBID & FCFSInjured Reserve: YesValid Lineup: No

PLAYOFF: Weeks 14 to 16 of the NFL Schedule.
Salary Cap: $75m Contract Cap: None Trades Allowed: No Waivers Allowed: BBID & FCFSInjured Reserve: YesValid Lineup: No

SALARY CAP: In each case salary cap applies to all players on active roster and injured reserve for the current season only. All vacancies on active roster during the Roster Freeze, Auction Draft and Contract Designation Deadline will also have a $200,000 cap hit.
CONTRACT CAP: When applicable applies to all contract years for all players. All players have a minimum one year contract with the exception of taxi squad players. All vacancies on active roster have a one year contract implication.
*TRADES ALLOWED: No trades allowed during the Offer Sheet / Right to Match two week period.