Show me the career records for franchises for games between week and week
Career Records
#FranchiseWLTPctPFAvg PFPAAvg PASeasons
1.North Carolina Cobras 0000.0000.
2.St. Louis Duffers 0000.0000.
3.Denver Demons 0000.0000.
4.MobTown Ravens 0000.0000.
5.Mohawk Ridge Marauders 0000.0000.
6.Southside Spartans 0000.0000.
7.Polk High Panthers 0000.0000.
8.Philadelphia Pigskins 0000.0000.
9.Faber College Mongols 0000.0000.
10.Riverside Rottweilers 0000.0000.
11.Valhalla Viktors 0000.0000.
12.Kansas City Kings 0000.0000.
13.Kalamazoo Nukes 0000.0000.
14.Andromeda Afterglow 0000.0000.
15.Edinburgh Galacticos 0000.0000.
16.Manhattan Beach Patriots 0000.0000.
17.Carolina Werewolves 0000.0000.
18.Maplewood Doppelgangers 0000.0000.
19.Haddonfield Slashers 0000.0000.
20.Indiana Mayhem 0000.0000.
21.Carolina Silverbacks 0000.0000.
22.Alaska Arsenic 0000.0000.
23.Tenafly Vipers 0000.0000.
24.Latvia Unicorns 0000.0000.
Hint: Missing past seasons on this report? If so, it might mean that your commissioner needs to fill out the Link Historical Franchises page.