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Weekly Summary
Franchise/Week 1 PF
Minnesota Eternals0.00 0.00
Titletown Tyrants0.00 0.00
Tarpon Springs RedKnights0.00 0.00
England Dragons0.00 0.00
Whiskey Creek Gadabouts0.00 0.00
Nevada Nighthawks0.00 0.00
Littleton SilverBallers0.00 0.00
Atlanta Africans0.00 0.00
Muskego Muskies0.00 0.00
Las Vegas Degenerates0.00 0.00
Indiana Mayhem0.00 0.00
Oaktown Malosos0.00 0.00
Naperville Divine0.00 0.00
Philadelphia Pigskins0.00 0.00
Bergen Brawlers0.00 0.00
Norfolk Bombers0.00 0.00
Maple Grove Mean Machine0.00 0.00
California Nightmare0.00 0.00
Hamilton Steel Cats0.00 0.00
North Wales Knights0.00 0.00
San Francisco Golddiggers0.00 0.00
Rocky Mountain Oysters0.00 0.00
Charm City Justice0.00 0.00
Kane County Goon Squad0.00 0.00
Hint:Weekly high scorer - Weekly low scorer.
Week 1
Kane County Goon Squad0
Muskego Muskies0
Whiskey Creek Gadabouts0
England Dragons0
Charm City Justice0
Oaktown Malosos0
Nevada Nighthawks0
Philadelphia Pigskins0
Tarpon Springs RedKnights0
Hamilton Steel Cats0
Las Vegas Degenerates0
Atlanta Africans0
Maple Grove Mean Machine0
Indiana Mayhem0
Littleton SilverBallers0
Rocky Mountain Oysters0
North Wales Knights0
Norfolk Bombers0
Titletown Tyrants0
Minnesota Eternals0
San Francisco Golddiggers0
Bergen Brawlers0
California Nightmare0
Naperville Divine0